Top 5 Data Questions between Autodesk and ESRI

Top 5 Data Questions between Autodesk and ESRI



Autodesk's John Sayre and ESRIs' David Reeves answer the Top 5 questions about integrating data with ArcGIS, InfraWorks & Civil 3D.
A review the latest and greatest ESRI and Autodesk integration mechanics.
From the Autodesk Infrastructure Channel Videos.


Sorry. For reasons unknown Autodesk has forced this video to only be played from YouTube, but it is worth watching.

The video link here starts 5:47 minutes in to avoid the usual Autodesk webinar start up goings on.

Top Five Answered Questions

  • What is ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Enterprise?
  • How can data from ArcGIS be used in Infraworks and Civil 3D?
  • How can I connect to surfaces stored in ArcGIS with the Autodesk ArcGIS Connector?
  • What are key benefits of integrating GIS for site design?
  • How can integrating GIS with design enhance roadway reconstruction projects?