Create an Embankment with the Subassembly Composer

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Create an Embankment with the Subassembly Composer



A basic Subassembly Composer detailed step by step tutorial on how to create a basic Embankment PKT in the Civil 3D Subassembly Composer.
See the Procad Ireland YouTube Channel.


A well done basic Civil 3D Subassembly Composer tutorial in under 8 minutes.
This replicates a simple Assembly you could easily build with stock Civil 3D Tool Palette Subassembly parts, but covers the mechanics and details in the Composer well.
Maybe you want to add a Key to the structure or optional drainage to one side?

A caution - You probably always do want to try employ the stock Civil 3D Point, Link, and Shape Code names as much as possible to reduce the number of Code Set Style and other edits needed to employ any PKT.
Using familiar Civil 3D parameter names will also help Civil 3D users more easily employ the PKT.