Subassembly Composer Shape Logic

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Subassembly Composer Shape Logic

A collection of Alan Gillbert's videos on Subassembly Composer solutions with a focus on the logic of shape selection in the subassembly.
Take seriously his practical warning to do the Subassembly Composer setup of variables, input parameters, etc.

Visit the included links for more detailed descriptions.


Build-A-Trench Shape with Subassembly Composer

Alan shows how do drive multiple parameters in a subassembly shape. In this case a trench.


Select-A-Curb Shape conditions with Subassembly Composer

Alan covers how to build single shape selector in the Subassembly Composer. In this case a choice of Curb.


See the Corridor Slope Benches videos for earlier discussions.

See the previous Subassembly Composer Logic videos for more on Composer logic.

Videos from Alan's YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Immersion blog.