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    The Civil Experts produce a wide range of Tips video content.
    Content that is of significant benefit is listed here.

    Please visit included links to the original postings. Those may contain details not included here for the sake of brevity.

Recent or Select Videos

 Pond Grading with Different Slopes

Pond Grading with Different Slopes



Christopher Fugitt demos how to employ a Feature Line and different Grading Slope Transistions to build a Pond's proposed Surface in Civil 3D.
See the @C3DReminders YouTube Channel


For our sanity and drawing stability's sake, we probably want to design and store Civil 3D Gradings in separate drawings within our Civil 3D Project and then DREF and paste the Surface pieces together in another project drawing.


 Construct Rural Intersection Corridors

Construct Rural Intersection Corridors



Russ Nicloy of MACER Technologies delivers a ACEC Wisconsin presentation on the construction superelevated Rural Intersection Corridors and Surfaces.
The workflows and Civil 3D mechanics delivered in the video are well worth the time and our consideration.
Thanks to ACEC Wisconsin for making the training presentations available.
See the ACEC Wisconsin YouTube Channel


The presentation does include the use of specialized WISDOT tools and content.
The video was produced in Civil 3D 2020 so the improved 2022 Corridor Targeting and new 2023 Transition tools available in 2023 are not employed.
However, the use of Set Up Corridors, Connected Alignments between Centerlines to define Intersection Quadrants, Widings and Offset Alignments and Profiles, and the important essentials of Refined finished Top and Refined finsished Datum Surfaces should be valuable for everyone.

The workflow and methods employed here require planned naming convention standards for everything and mission critical Data Reference (DREF) project structures.

See our Intersection and Corridors pages for more details and videos.






An IMAGINiT Technical Specialist, reviews the basics of the AutoCAD SCRIPTCALL command versus the classic AutoCAD SCRIPT command what what we might do with that.
See the IMAGINiT YouTube Channel.


The SCRIPTCALL command is one of the most powerfull tools to customize Autodesk Civil 3D.
The quick and dirty short video covers how to make SCRIPTCALL work. The command works in all AutoCAD platform products.

SCRIPTCALL can be employed and called with the Civil 3D Batch Save Utility to upgrade, update, and modify projects full of Civil 3D drawings. Whoa!
The many famous Framework for Civil 3D Spreadsheet Tools are designed and built to generate SCRIPTS to be employed in SCRIPTCALL scripts to manage Layers, Blocks, and many other common standards inside Civil 3D.