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 Civil 3D Corridor Style Tips

Civil 3D Corridor Style Tips



USCAD's James Lord walks through a simple manual edit overview of Code Set Style graphics and mechanics.
From the James Lord's AKN page
See James Lord's blog on


A reasonable review of some important edits to show the graphic capabilities of Corridor Code Set Styles.
If you edit Code Set Styles in a production drawing, most of the time you have wasted time and introduced inconsistency into your project.
The Framework for Civil 3D contains some of the most sophisticated and well-integrated Code Set Style and Corridor solutions available.

You might want to check out our Intersections and Corridors page for all the nuances and power tools. Videos are included.


 Adjust the Datum for All Cross Sections

Adjust the Datum for All Cross Sections



Jowenn Lua shows how to adjust the datum level for all your cross section to a fixed lowest elevation by employing the LinkOffsetElevation subassembly to an Assembly.
From the Autodesk AKN Civil 3D Screencasts
See Jowenn Lua's AKN page


As Jowenn notes in the notes of his post you might also want to employ a Placeholder or Dummy Baseline and Assembly with only the LinkOffsetElevation subassembly in a corridor to accomplish the same effect on the Section without adding the subassembly to all your Assemblies.


 A Civil 3D Surface from Point Cloud Data

A Civil 3D Surface from Point Cloud Data


Two videos to explain Point Cloud surface creation in Civil 3D 2018 and Civil 3D 2019 via a ReCap Pro processed file.

Point Cloud to Recap Pro and Export to RCP or RCS file


Create Surface from RCP or RCS file in Civil 3D


Jason Porter of Applied Software walks through the basic workflows in both ReCap Pro (video 1) and Civil 3D (video 2) to create a surface from point cloud LAS data exported as a RCP file by ReCap Pro.
The small interface differences between recent Civil 3D 2018 and 2019 versions is also shown.
From the Jason Porter's YouTube Channel.