Corridor Code Set Style Hatches

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Corridor Code Set Style Hatches


Material Fill Styles construction in Corridor Plan in a Code Set Style


Autodesk's Jeff Bartels walks through the basics of building Plan view hatching and fills in a corridor's Code Set Style.
This is technically the addition of a Material Fill Style on a Link code in the Code Set Style.
From the Jeff Bartels YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Immersion blog.

This video is part of a video series about basic corridor publication:


Jeff provides the basic how to. Code Set Styles that do this are useful for far more purposes than just cleaner plots and better presentations.
You can employ QAQC Code Set Styles to help visualize problems and/or successful link code generation in the corridor model.

If you build your own PKT files (Subassembly Composer files), you should try to employ the Civil 3D stock subassembly codes as this will save you tons of busy work.
Surprise. The Framework for Civil 3D even includes a Subassembly Code Spreadsheet tool to help manage that sort of stuff.

If you are a Framework for Civil 3D customer, you are a bit spoiled since the Framework already includes Code Set Styles that do this magic even with percentage screening.