Create a Road Network Buffer Query

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Create a Road Network Buffer Query


How to Create a Road Network Buffer Query in Map 3D


Jerry Bartels of Autodesk covers the bare basics of the creation of a Buffer Topology Query built from Civil 3D Alignments in Map 3D.
The idea here is to discover effected trees relative to roadway right of ways, but the basic methodology works for any point location data source and network.
From the Jerry's YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Imersion blog.

The fact that we still cannot query with Map 3D on Civil 3D object types is beyond annoying.
I won't bore you with how simple this would be to fix because it simply ain't happening.
Why would anyone want to do that? - Like actually have Autodesk civil software work together for a change?

See the Alignment Based Point Group post for details of how to employ a Civil 3D Station Offset report to produce Alignment related Point Groups, Labels, etc in Civil 3D.
That post has the step-by-step method you can employ to relate point data to any Alignment for any purpose like finding pullboxes or fir trees. Can we say, "Awesome"?
The Deliverables video training course available here to Members takes this to a more productive level.