Draw and Display 3D Models in Civil 3D

Draw and Display 3D Models in Civil 3D



Seth Cohen of Digital Drafting Systems Inc delivers a two-part 3D Modelling mechanics presentation in Civil 3D.
Both some AutoCAD 3D Solid modelling for Civil 3D and Corridor Feature Line Baseline construction tips and tricks are discussed.
From the Digital Drafting Systems Inc YouTube Channel.


In the first half of the webinar video Seth employs AutoCAD 3D solid modelling mechanics to construct a 3D Solid barrel culvert in Civil 3D.
How to employ the result in Profile and Section Views is covered.
The second half of Seth's presentation covers the detailed construction mechanics and usage of the newer Civil 3D Feature Line Baseline functionality in a complex Corridor model.

There are a lot of useful intermediate to advanced AutoCAD UCS, 3D Osnap, Tracking, and Selection tricks shown in the video.