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Feature Lines Only Code Set Style


How to produce Feature Lines Only Display in Corridor Plan in a Code Set Style


Jeff Bartels of Autodesk walks through the basics of building Plan view Feature Lines only display in a corridor's Code Set Style.
This video covers the essential need to know details of a simple publish or plot Code Set Style.
From the Jeff Bartels YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Immersion blog.

This video is part of a video series about basic corridor publication:


Jeff provides the basic how to for Feature Lines only display representation from a Corridor Code Set Style.
There are some very essentials steps you need to know about Code Set Style edits and maintenance in the video.

You should note the glaring fact that the Autodesk supplied All Codes Code Set Style clearly doesn't include all the Codes from stock assemblies.
We take the time to make sure the Style Tools from the Framework for Civil 3D do.

If you are a Framework for Civil 3D customer, you are a bit spoiled since the Framework already includes Code Set Styles that do this magic out of the box.