Lidar Workflow in the 2019 AEC Collection

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Lidar Workflow in the 2019 AEC Collection


You can play any of the included videos in the playlist by choosing the video in the list control.


Autodesk's David Fagerman steps through a detailed workflow of processsing Lidar data from ReCap to Infraworks to Civil 3D in a series of 6 videos.
From the FDOT YouTube Channel.


This videos series is a good detailed review of workflows to process Lidar data into workable project data.

Sadly, the 3 last videos were published without sound, but are easy enough to follow and review the workflow with some different details and public source data.
Videos 4 an 5 step through and review the workflow again this time with public source aerial data only processed in ReCap with control instead of Lidar data.
Video 6 steps through the workflow with public source aerial the Lidar (.las) and photo data processed in ReCap with control.