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Map 3D Labels from Data


How to Create Map 3D Object Data Labels from SHP Data


Jerry Bartels of Autodesk covers the quick and dirty basics of the creation of Map 3D Object Data Table templates and Labels in Map 3D.
He demos how to use the MAPANNTEXT command to generate data driven labels from an imported SHP file.
Jerry employs typical parcels in the example. This process in pretty simple given you have the data table and the SHP data.
From the Jerry's YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Imersion blog.

Seriously left unsaid is that you might actually want to build Civil 3D parcels in a Site Parcel from this sort of data.
This is certainly possible, but you'll have more serious work cut out for you.
Often the SHP exports are quite often really dirty with buried segments and bits and pieces.
You'll need to learn about the great Map Cleanup tool which every Civil 3D user must master.
Autodesk could automate this a bit, but don't hold your breath.

ESRI topologies are not Map 3D topologies. This is a good thing, but not the issue.
No. There isn't a Map topology employed in this example.
Civil 3D Site Parcels (a topology too) are a different beast yet again from both of the above.
Discover more than you want to know about Civil 3D Parcels in this series of posts.
After a decade+ nothing has been done to fix even the Autodesk integration.
So in the end Jerry's tip is valuable when push comes to shove.