Mapbook Publish a Site in Civil 3D

Mapbook Publish a Site in Civil 3D


How to Employ the Mapbook Plot Engine in Civil 3D


Jerry Bartels of Autodesk covers the basics of employing Map 3D Mapbook method and practice to publish a grided site plan set in Civil 3D.
from the Civil Imersion blog.

Left unsaid is the necessary detailed setup in the employed template. That takes a bit, but the work is worth the development effort.
In the real production world this is a publish drawing. It exists only to do that work.
I would always do this a drawing consisting of XREFs and or DWFs and not in a working project drawing.
You can also employ (invisible) annotative Alignments and Offset Alignments, their related ViewFrames, and the Civil 3D Plan Production Tools to do this sans the keymaps etc.
Maybe that will make you more or less comfortable?

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