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How to Employ MATCHPROP in Civil 3D


MATCHPROP works great in Civil 3D


A video from a post from the Autodesk Civil Immersion blog by Jerry Bartels.

Read Jerry's post. See the link above and I quote

"Have you ever wanted to change the Civil 3D object style assigned to a Civil object to match one used in another area of your model? I know I have, especially when it comes to things like annotation."

"Wouldn’t it be great if the MATCHPROP would also work with Civil 3D& objects? The great news is that it does! (for most objects) Actually, this has been possible for several releases now but has been kind of a best kept secret. Even though I knew about it, I often forget that I can do this and it is way faster than changing a style using an alternative method like the Properties dialog."

How to employ the MATCHPROP command with Civil 3D to change Style