Publish Corridors and Other Tips and Tricks

Publish Corridors and Other Tips and Tricks



Seth Cohen of Digital Drafting Systems Inc walks through a number of important and useful Civil 3D Corridor Model publishing Tips and Tricks.
From the Digital Drafting Systems Inc YouTube Channel.


Seth does a great high-speed job of covering some of these significant and nuanced production issues in Civil 3D using the FDOT State Kit as an example.
Tips and Tricks Covered:

  • Why you should employ Reference Templates (TREFs) and how to use them
    See the Reference Templates video page for more details and mechanics
  • Label and documenation tricks for Section View publication without exploding them
  • Tips and Tricks for Subassembly Link Codes in Section publication
  • Use Profile Views to produce and publish live model Detail section views
  • How to employ Corridor Feature Line output to tie a Corridor model to ponds and/or other structures and produce the Sections
  • The basics of FDOT Quantity Takeoff and the use live Excel Sheets in AutoCAD Tables
    See the Legends and Lists page for more videos on the Excel linked table functionality in AutoCAD

The FDOT State Kit for Civil 3D is a useful source of many Civil 3D tools and resources (e.g. PKT files and Pipe Catalogs).
The FDOT State Kit us available for free in the public domain.
Say thank you to the taxpayers of Florida who make it available and the FDOT folks who do the good work.