Subdivision Grading with Corridors

Subdivision Grading with Corridors



Jim Coppinger of ZenTek Consultants explains how to inventively employ some Civil 3D techniques to employ Corridors and Gradings in Subdivision grading design.
From the ZenTek Consultants YouTube Channel.


If you understand and employ Feature Line based Gradings in Civil 3D, Jim's technique to employ Corridor geometry Feature Line output will be easy to understand.
The Frequencies employed in the Corridor Regions do have a direct effect on the detail in the Extracted Feature Line(s).

Yes. You may want the Datum of the Corridor cross section and a Feature Line specific to that for a grading surface.

Recognize that these days the Corridor and dynamic Extracted Feature Line can be from a Data Reference (DREF) Corridor source.

I tend to prefer a Multiple Baseline Corridors approach with grading Assemblies to accomplish more with the Corridor.
That is usually easier to manage in the long run considering all the potential complex design control in a Subdivision project in Civil 3D.
See the Site Grading with Corridors section.