Superelevation and Design Criteria File Edits

Superelevation and Design Criteria File Edits



Kyle Evans delivers a detailed review of how to modify Superelevation Design Criteria file XML data and the available resources in Civil 3D.
From the Kyle Evans' YouTube Channel.


Kyle covers the necessary details of updating the Super calculation tables in Civil 3D in this video for the province of Alberta Canada.
Does this matter to US Civil 3D users? You bet!

I'd bet that simplified or even specialized built-in Design Criteria file tables would help smooth out the work your production projects.
Separating the wheat you need from the chaff you don't need always helps.
The odds are many jurisdictions and you don't employ the full range of AASHTO tables and super slope percentages supplied in the resources.
Don't forget to get the slighter mighty updates delivered to your user's local install locations.

The Civil 3D 2020.2 Update includes the newer AASHTO 2018 Standards files.

I tend to copy and rename the XML resources files first before editing them inside Civil 3D. Then again I am lazy.
You can also cheat and rebuild the XML table record changes in the structures from a spreadsheet and an XML capable text editor.
There are Framework for Civil 3D Spreadsheet Tools that do exactly that sort of thing for Figure Prefix Dbs and Survey Queries.