The Best Map 3D Tools for Civil 3D Projects

The Best Map 3D Tools for Civil 3D Projects



Seth Cohen of Digital Drafting Systems Inc walks through a review of the many useful and powerful Map 3D Tools for use in Civil 3D Projects.
From the Digital Drafting Systems Inc YouTube Channel.


Seth does a great job of covering the best of Map 3D functionality and tools in Civil 3D without getting bogged down in the details.
Seth covers the best of Map 3D in less than an hour. No small challenge. His large Surfaces from Map Attached drawing Queries is alone worth a look see here.

Map 3D is one of the best things built into Civil 3D that many ignore and therefore work way too hard.
This is best Map 3D tools overview I have seen in a long time. Thanks Seth!
If you don't use MAPCLEAN on a regular basis, we can only ask, "What Are You Thinking?"