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Civil 3D Data Shortcut Setup and Workflows

An overview of the Method and Practice for three typical Data Shortcut Setup methods and the relationship to Projects in Civil 3D. Covers practice details and the varied essential workflows for Data shortcuts and sharing of project Civil 3D Feature Data in a folder structure.

Reviews Framework for Civil 3D methods for all current versions of Civil 3D
Please note the Survey Dbs in Civil 3D are a separate project resource in Civil 3D.

Also see the the Civil 3D Setup Checklists page and videos

Project Startup Series Posts

Civil 3D methods and tools to strip man-hours from project work. The videos below are selected from these.


Data Shortcut Setup and Mechanics


An in-depth video review of multiple Civil 3D Project creation methods, tools, and mechanics.


Learn how Civil 3D Project Templates coupled with Reference Templates and basic Project Placeholders can improve projects.


Some typical and atypical Project Placeholders for use in Civil 3D Project Templates.


Methods to standardize and customize Data Shortcut folders in Civil 3D Project Templates.