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Alignments Matter to Civil 3D Publication

Alignments do a lot of things in Civil 3D. Why are they so complicated? Why this all matters to reducing the time it takes to get our work out the door.

Alignments play a mission critical role in Civil 3D iPOD.
This Training Video provides some important perspectives on the Alignment - the Design Control Manager.

Videos employ the InstantOn Project Dataset. Listed Here
These resources are available with InstantOn and Jump Kit Framework products

The Roadway Survey Db from the InstantOn Project dataset is employed in examples

    Topics Covered:

    Alignments Help Deliver IPOD

    Alignments and All My Children are Related

    • Dynamically
    • Statically
    • Our Mindset Matters

    Alignments are Annotative

    • Connected Managed Segments and Annotation
    • View Frames and Publication Tools

    The Alignment is the Civil 3D Design Control Manager

    • The Alignment is a collection of Design Control Managers
    • A Bucket of Buckets
    • Some Alignment Properties that Matter in iPOD