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Use Best Fit Alignment tools to Manage Publication

Best Fit Alignment creation in Civil 3D iPOD.
This Training Video shows how to employ Alignment Layout tools and Best Fit Alignment tools.

Videos employ the InstantOn Project Dataset. Listed Here
These resources are available with InstantOn and Jump Kit Framework products

The Roadway Survey Db from the InstantOn Project dataset is employed in examples

    Topics Covered:

    Create Annotative (iPOD) Best Fit Alignment

    1. Survey Queries
    2. Point Groups
    3. Best Fit until Satisfied
    4. Edit and/or recreate the Geometry,
      Parameters, and Constraints to Refine
    5. Need a Profile?

    Civil 3D Construction Tools

    • Alignment Layout Toolbar
      • Fixed , Float , and Free by many methods + Best Fit
    • Transparent Commands
      • Work with the Layout Tools
      • Transparent Command Toolbar
      • Respond to prompts Type ‘ and the command
        Inside the transparent command until you enter out
      • See Transparent Command Reference in Help
    • COGO Editor – Survey Ribbon

    Two Kinds of Feature Best Fit

    • Best Fit Alignment or Profile
      • Fast by Alignment or Profile
      • Supports multiple inputs
      • No Weighting
    • Best Fit Segments
      • Slow by Segment
      • Supports different inputs
      • Supports weighting, exclusion, and
        regression reevaluation
    • Employ the Best Fit Tools Together