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Details of Label creation for Alignment Based Point Groups

The label and Point Group query definition mechanics for
better automated point label annotation in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

The video demonstrates the slightly twisted construction of the Point Group query definitions to employ Alignment based Point Groups.

    Production - Plan and Goals

    • A Reusable Stack of Point Groups
      • Point Groups can be Drag and Dropped into drawings
      • Work in a simplified template and a shared Survey Db
      • Do the Task and then Continuously Improve the Point Group definitions
      • Always a No Show group… or two
    • Point Label Style Control By Point Group
      • Standardized Labels by Point Group
      • WCS or View based Point Label Styles
      • Point Label Style – By Layer assignment
      • Membership by a list of Point Numbers AND Format from Description Key(s)
    • Delay and Decrease Manual Label Overrides
      • Label Content is a Survey Point Property
      • Rotations are a Point Property Override
      • Dragged State – a single look and feel improves readability and QA

    Rotation and Drag Mechanics

    • Civil 3D Published Separate Label and Symbol Drawings
      • Nothing but Labels or Symbols
      • Employ Point Styles with BLOCK references if you want Markers OR
        Use Point Label Styles with block-based Marker components that do that
      • Annotative Scale determined by the View Frame Group
    • Point Properties and Survey Properties
      • Rotations and Point Label Style Overrides
      • Label Contents are a Survey Point Property
      • Maximum width is a Label Style Property found in the
        Summary for the text component
    • View Matters for Edits
      • Build Named Views from View Frames or Alignments with DVIEW | Twist OR
      • Build a throw away Sheet Set and create the Views from the Layouts in Sheets

    Query Logic for Point Groups

    • Point Group Priority Matters
      • Drag and Drop Point Groups Backwards (last to first)
    • Basic Point Group Logic
      • Can Include other Point Groups – No support for Exclude
      • Do the Includes (OR) and Then the Excludes (AND)
      • An Edited Query ignores the contents of Tabs unless you go back
    • Clean Logic from Twisted Construction
      • Include the Offset Point Group
      • Exclude the Descriptions list
      • Manually Modify the Query to Include the Excludes