Label Considerations For Point Groups

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Alignment Based Point Groups Label Planning in Civil 3D

Plan and Profile sheet label mechanics in AutoCAD Civil 3D
require that we think carefully about and plan for
better automated point label annotation in Civil 3D.

Videos employ the InstantOn Project Dataset. Listed Here
These resources are available with InstantOn and Jump Kit Framework products

The Roadway Survey Db from the InstantOn Project dataset is employed in examples

This video demonstrates the basic Label considerations and details for Alignment based Point Groups

    Topics Covered:

    Managed Alignment Point Groups

    • To Alignment based Point Group
      • Paste the comma separated list
      • Positive and Negative or Left and Right
      • Test the Point List
    • Even More Point Groups
      • Add the Point Group + Excluded Others
      • Edit the Logic
      • Test in the Point List
      • Repeat as Needed
    • Adjust Point Group Priorities

    Production - Plan and Goals

    • A Reusable Stack of Point Groups
      • Point Groups can be Drag and Dropped into drawings
      • Work in a simplified template and a shared Survey Db
      • Do the Task and then Continuously Improve the Point Group definitions
      • Always a No Show group… or two
    • Point Label Style Control By Point Group
      • Standardized Labels by Point Group
      • WCS or View based Point Label Styles
      • Point Label Style – By Layer assignment
      • Membership by a list of Point Numbers AND Format from Description Key(s)
    • Delay and Decrease Manual Label Overrides
      • Label Content is a Survey Point Property
      • Rotations are a Point Property Override
      • Dragged State – a single look and feel improves readability and QA