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Build, Edit and Maintain ViewFrame Groups in Civil 3D

The twin wizard tools of ViewFrame Groups define the rules for the Plan Production Tools
the properties of the Frames, their Group Labels, and their relationships to Alignments, Viewports, and Layouts matter.

Videos employ the InstantOn Project Dataset. Listed Here
These resources are available with InstantOn and Jump Kit Framework products

The Roadway Survey Db from the InstantOn Project dataset is employed in examples

    Topics Covered:

    Alignment Publishing Groups

    • ViewFrame Groups
      • Collect Alignment Based View Frames
      • Frame size based on a Viewport from a Layout on Create
      • Where’s the data? What’s the data?
      • The Second Create - Sheets
    • Sample Line Groups
      • Collect Alignment Based Sample Lines
      • Sample size from Offsets (alignments) on Create
      • Where’s the data? What’s the data?
      • The Second Create – Pages of Sections

    Frame the View

    • It’s a Wizard to Wizard Thing with a Goal – Think Sheet Set
      • Create ViewFrames – read and set properties once on create
      • Create Sheets – tweak the Sheets
    • What can a View Frame display?
      • A Model aware Viewport - Data Reference Aware
    • AutoCAD Viewport Mechanics Apply
      • External References, Images, etc
      • DWF – a higher performance basemap
        + preplotted vector based representations
        + Layer Managed
        + Coordinate System aware
      • Display Order, Viewport Layer Properties, etc

    Engineered View Frames

    • Think Sheet Set – Integrated into the Civil 3D Tools
    • Prepared and Detailed Publish Plan
      • A prepared Viewport in a findable Layout
        + Type | Exact Size | Scale
      • Alignment Direction
      • Destroy and Recreate
    • Manage Group(s) By Data Reference
      • Data References can be replaced
    • Location, Location, Location
      • Size | Camera | Position
    • Edit Frames in Reverse?