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How to build Alignment Based Point Groups in Civil 3D

Data is everything in AutoCAD Civil 3D.
We need to employ all the available tools to create, maintain, and manage
better automated point label annotation in Civil 3D.

Videos employ the InstantOn Project Dataset. Listed Here
These resources are available with InstantOn and Jump Kit Framework products

The Roadway Survey Db from the InstantOn Project dataset is employed in examples

    Topics Covered:

    Alignment Based Point Groups

    Create a Managed Relationship between Alignment and Points
    A Simple Solution from Data Mechanics

    • Point Group Definitions
      • Employ comma separated lists (lists of Point Numbers)
      • This data is the same data format as a CSV file
    • Civil 3D Reports
      • Produce generic HTML table report(s) on Points
        related to any Alignment
    • HTML table data can be
      • Input and Manipulated in Spreadsheets
    • Spreadsheets Output CSV files
      • The data needed for Point Group Definition(s)

    Managed Report Generation

    • Toolspace>>Toolbox>>Reports Manager>>Points>>Station Offset to Points
      • Points from an Alignment to a generic HTML Report (named for the Alignment)
      • Select Report data
    • To Spreadsheet
      • Copy Paste Special the data
      • Find and Replace data cleanup
      • Order the Point data
      • Select the data
    • To CSV
      • Copy Paste to Row (Transpose)
      • Save to CSV
    • To Alignment based Point Groups
      • Store the Point Groups with the Alignment or not

    Detailed How to Step By Step in – Define Alignment Based Point Groups

    Managed Alignment Point Groups

    • To Alignment based Point Group
      • Paste the comma separated list
      • Positive and Negative or Left and Right
      • Test the Point List
    • Even More Point Groups
      • Add the Point Group + Excluded Others
      • Edit the Logic
      • Test in the Point List
      • Repeat as Needed
    • Adjust Point Group Priorities