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Intelligent Publish on Demand is central to Civil 3D user Productivity.
The following videos cover the important details of Plan based iPOD in AutoCAD Civil 3D

A Video Study Guide to Civil 3D User Productivity

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Videos employ the Framework's Project Dataset. Listed Here
These resources are available with InstantOn and Jump Kit Framework products

This video training is focused on Plan type projects.
The methods employed may be used to produce typical Plan publication.
The techniques employed here are also employed in the Deliverables course for Plan and Profile production

 Grids in Civil 3D

    Grids Construction in Civil 3D

 Survey Publication Part One

    Site Plan Publication Part 1

 Survey Publication Part Two

    Site Plan Publication Continued

 Surface Publication Tips

    Plan Surface Deliverable Production Tips

 Surface from Survey

    Quick Surface Builds from a Survey Db

 Point Group Standards

    How to standardize Civil 3D Point Groups

 Label Civil 3D Xrefs

    Civil 3D Xref Label Mechanics

 Plan Publication Study Guide

    Course Outline in HTML - Open in a new window