Survey Publication Part One

The Process and Workflow of Plan Deliverable Production

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Survey Publication Part One

The Process and Workflow of Plan Deliverable Production

What are the essentials of publishing complex digital deliverables from Civil 3D.
This Training Video provides an brief big picture overview.

Videos employ the InstantOn Resources Project Dataset
available with InstantOn and Jump Kit Framework products

The Ballpark Survey Db from the InstantOn Project dataset is employed

Topics Covered:

Publish – The Checklist Items

    o Publication is NOT Quality Control

    o Publish to is Always a Process

      Digital AutoCAD or DGN Files

      Publish to AutoCAD BEFORE conversion to DGN

      •   MapExport produces an ACAD version of the Civil 3D Feature data
      •   Output Drawings Must Also Be Processed

    o Publish the Different Civil 3D Features Separately

      Allows for different graphics

    o Publication - A Play in 3 Acts

      Create an XREF drawing of the Separate Civil 3D content drawings

      AECEXPORT the Civil 3D data and Post Process the Results in a single ACAD only drawing

      DGNEXPORT the ACAD drawing to produce a .dgn file version

    o The OLD Publish Template Particulars


Publication is NOT Quality Control

    o Determine the Need

      Digital, or non-editable Digital Picture, or Image
      • Digital means – and “easy to edit” deliverable
      • Non-editable – lots more work to edit
      • Same as the above without Post-Processing
      •   Image – delivers the picture
        • DWF from Modelspace – works for any AutoCAD application
        • PDF from Modelspace – an image they have to scale in ACAD and DGN

    o Get the Survey Data Corrected

      Worry about the Picture Last

      Create Drawing(s) to Check & Edit and THROW AWAY

      •   Employ a temp Surface to Identify Problems & Edits

      Check and Correct Setups & Figures First

      Correct Point Descriptions to match intended result

      Add COGO to Survey Points to document Inverts etc.


Publish is a Process

    o What Results?

      From the Most to the Least Work

      •   Digital AutoCAD >>Digital DGN>>Images>>Non-Editable digital files

      Publish to AutoCAD BEFORE Conversion to DGN

    o SaveAS and Export to are Not the Same
    – See the Help File

      AECEXPORTTO<Release> - Produces ACAD Primitive from Civil 3D Feature data

      MAPEXPORT - Produces a more File Conversions of AutoCAD data

      DGNEXPORT - Produces a more consistent and controllable DGN conversion

    o Editable Result Requires Post-processed output Drawings

      Explode Down to Basic Primitives

      Clean up the primitives

      •   Insert|Explode drawing(s) with ALL the resources
      •   Employ Scripts to Rename the AutoCAD blocks/layers  to old names

    o Combine the results into a final ACAD drawing

      DGNEXPORT (MapExport) the final drawing to DGN

Get the First Act Together

    o Create Assembly Drawing from Civil 3D XREFs

      Grid Drawing

      Surface Drawing(s)

      Figures Drawing(s)

      Points Drawing(s)

      Point Labels Drawing(s)

      Notes and Other Annotation Drawing(s)

      Profiles Drawing(s) – User Plan and Production Wizard and an XREF

      Sections Drawings(s)- Use an Xrefed drawing, Alignment, and Sample Line Group

Publish Different Features Separately

    o Grid Drawing - Annotation

      See the Grid video

    o Surface Drawing

      Contours, Borders, Labels

      Contours as Primitives or Combined


    o Figures Drawing

      Line work in 2D or 3D? – FLATTEN?

    o Points Drawing

      Symbols without Annotation

    o Point Labels Drawing?

      Annotation almost without Symbols

      • Markers should be Point Styles that employ a BLOCK not a Marker

Figure Data Cleanups

    o Identify bad & crossing Figures

      ·       Check for Crossing Breaklines

    o Add extra points to Figures

      Needed geometry points in Figures – better arc definitions – will a copied 3D Line  work?

      Gates in Fences , Breaks in Figure ,etc.

      Close an open slab , building , roof Figures, etc.

    o Create Figures Interactively to add missing pieces

      Driveway End and Start to back of aprons

      Close open figures – Can you  Continue

      Missing segments in Figures

      Delete and Recreate Interactively miss connected Figures

      Add Figures to become Surface Breaklines  to correct Surface issues

      Export to Backup Added Figures

    o Create Offset Feature Lines from Figures in a Drawing

      Edit Survey Figure Properties versus Edit Geometry and Edit Elevation Ribbon Tools

      Face of Curb if you only have Back of Curb etc – Standard Curb & Gutter

      Create Figures from Feature Line Objects

      Export to Backup Added Figures