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Autodesk Civil 3D for County Government

There are good reasons why more County, Township, and Parish CAD Standards for Autodesk Civil 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D, and AutoCAD are based on our Framework products. Organizations all over the US employ the Managed System that is the Framework for Civil 3D.

The Framework for Civil 3D Transforms the Work in Public Works

People call our solution the US Country Kit for AutoCAD Civil 3D. Why? We birthed the idea a decade ago. Ever since we’ve executed a continuously improved solution to better meet the complex needs of regional governments and their agencies.

The Framework for Civil 3D Works

Framework for Civil 3D Release 8 Products Support:

Our Framework for Civil 3D supports recognized national standards and does so in a complete and detailed way unmatched by anyone else in the marketplace. Our products even allow you to change specific details to meet your local and regional preferences and requirements without breaking the critical rules. We enable our customers to build and maintain…

Managed Adaptive Standards for Civil 3D


Adaptive Layer Standards

By default Release 8 employs the latest NCS 6.0 Layer Standard. That includes built-in NCS 6, GSA, DOD (Department of Defense), and US Army Corps layer standards support. All the standards construction resources are delivered for both STB and CTB. Layers with integrated properties for all the official NCS Disciplines are supported.

The Framework for Civil 3D’s robust, adaptive, and flexible approach to CAD Layer Standards in Civil 3D allows our customers to meet the demanding requirements in more projects, more jurisdictions, and for more diverse clients with less work, improved ease of use, and better publication capabilities. The supplied resources can be easily changed to support any of multiple variants of the NCS or even your own custom set of Layer Keys.

Adaptive Survey Codes, Description Keys for Points and Figures

For the many Layer Standards supported in Release 8 the Framework for Civil 3D supplies integrated match sets of  managed Survey Codes, Description Keys and Figure Prefix Dbs. These are backed by innovative Survey Query tools resources and Spreadsheet Tools to help reduce production time to better and faster results in Civil 3D.

Adaptive Building Blocks

Release 8 includes a host of innovative Adaptive Building Block Style collections and practical production resources for Civil 3D. You can assemble and employ task-based Civil 3D templates for many typical civil engineering design and survey documentation tasks and design specialties from these standardized template building blocks.

Let it be said that you can invest thousands of dollars for customized solutions for Civil 3D and get far less than the Framework products deliver to county and regional organizations out of the box. Here's the basic list to start with.

The Best Managed Solutions for Civil 3D

  • Easy to Implement and Easy to Learn
    • A focus on daily production use
    • Whole product Design and Survey System solutions
      with no missing pieces or resources
    • A Framework for Civil 3D based on consistent, tested, and accepted standards and rules
    • Documented in detail both inside the software and externally
    • Code-less solutions – no IT/IS hassles, installation issues,
      or conflicts with third party applications
  • Work internally across different departments
    • Support import and export from different ACAD applications
    • Consistent and demonstrable support for import and export to other CAD, GIS, and state-of-the-art, geo mapping applications
    • Built-in civil resources support for AutoCAD and AutoCAD Map 3D users
    • Built-in support for varied graphics
  • Long-term proven support for multiple releases of Civil 3D
    • Deep support for multiple Civil 3D releases
    • Reduced maintenance and licensing fees
    • Guaranteed upgrade support
    • Guaranteed support for new features and styles
    • Affordable and built to stay that way
  • Work with your external and municipal partners at reasonable cost
    • Package your adaptive standards without the burden of extra maintenance costs
    • More Consistent Digital Submittals from consultants with less hassle
    • Easy to use and easy to install products
    • Unmatched NCS support in detail with deep but easy customization
    • Published Open Standards for Civil that work
    • The deepest Style and Symbol libraries available anywhere
  • Deep and detailed resource support for all the powerful modeling tools in Civil 3D
    • Largest field-tested Civil 3D Styles and Symbols Libraries on the planet
    • Rich quality assurance and control tools are simply built-in
    • Survey in more detail and with flexible and field-proven resources
    • Surface construction and grading solutions that include details found nowhere else
    • Parcel and Land Management
    • Roadway design with deep detailed resources for common roads in all environments
      AASHTO ready and easy to customize Assemblies
    • Gravity Pipe Systems
    • Pressure Pipe Systems
    • Landscape and Recycled Water
    • Street Lighting Systems
    • Traffic Signaling Systems and Diagraming
    • Other infrastructure support for diverse and necessary utilities
  • Framework Customization tools are built in and they don’t cost extra
    • Most require only basic or intermediate AutoCAD skills to execute
    • In depth libraries that probably already include everything you need
    • Easy to customize graphics and built with reduced maintenance costs in mind
  • Rich Civil 3D Training and support resources
    • A complete and detailed training project is included
    • In depth and online Civil 3D help and support
    • In detail complete recorded courses in everything Civil 3D
    • Production focused tutorials with the training resources supplied

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Better Civil 3D CAD Standards for County Government