Release 7

Framework for Civil 3D Release 7 product specifics for multiple releases of Civil 3D

Framework for Civil 3D Release 7

The Release 7 of the Framework for Civil 3D is all about your ability to leverage Civil 3D in production. Release 7 is the best-managed production solution for Civil 3D. The products based on the Release 7 Framework deliver real-world performance and civil engineering and survey project productivity. Release 7 provides every Civil 3D user and all civil and survey organizations…

The Freedom to Work in Civil 3D

Framework for Civil 3D Release 7 products fully support Autodesk Civil 3D 2019

The latest Civil 3D Release 7 Framework fully supports Autodesk Civil 3D 2019, AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018, and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 with the largest, project-tested Civil 3D Style collections in the world.
Whatever Civil 3D release you may choose to employ you get better quality control tools, better production style tools, and unmatched ease of use and deliverables publication in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Autodesk Civil 3D Unleased

A Release 7 Framework product delivers:

  • Instant production and publication support for all the powerful features in Civil 3D
  • Our best-in-class Templates and Styles for Civil 3D are even better, more useful, and productive
  • A host of new and improved Style Tools and even updates to our time-tested favorites
  • Style-based (STB) and new Release 7 support for Color-based (CTB) publication including built-in support for NCS 6 and NCS 5.0 (National CAD Standards), the GSA (General Services Administration) CAD Standards, DOD (Dept of Defense) standards, and US Army Corp standards.
  • Built-in support for multiple variants and versions of the NCS Layer Standards
  • The Framework’s world-class Civil 3D customization and Civil 3D CAD management
    Our famous Spreadsheet Tools - powerful, easy to use, and well-documented

“What’s new in Release 7?”

The Release 7 Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D includes a host of improvements to all the complete, integrated, and managed resources the Framework contains.

Simple Product Choice

Plot Becomes State of the Art Publish on Demand

  • The entire Jump Kit Style library of thousands of Civil 3D Styles is STB to CTB compatible via our fully documented Last Digit Color Rules.
    There are a host of subtle and critical Style changes-(most of them optional) unless you must output to CTB.
  • New and improved Style Tools for Surfaces, Parcels, Alignments, Profiles, Feature Lines
  • NCS and now new GSA compliant CTB resources for monochrome, grayscale, and color print and plot.
  • Consistent and Robust Color Management Identity in AutoCAD Civil 3D
    We even managed to preserve and improve (with only minor changes) color identification in both STB and CTB production environments.

Become a Member today. Preview in the Members section the Layer Standards CTB Tools on-line documentation and help.

One Touch Upgrades to Release 7 Layer Standards

Our built-in support for Civil 3D CAD Standards and Civil 3D CAD Management is unsurpassed.

  • Multiple official Layer Standards support is included.
  • Three click Layer upgrades.
    Use the AutoCAD Standards Manager tool to upgrade your templates and existing project work to the updated Release 7 Layer Standards.
    Earlier Release to Release 7 scripts for Layer upgrade process details are included.
    We never leave our customers behind.
  • Release 7 Style Updates will require the usual (and fully-documented only by us) upgrade process.
  • Built-in support for Civil 3D 2017 reference templates backed by the deepest, feature and task-based Style Tool library in the world available at any price
  • New By Key Design Style collections for better and faster site design
  • Release 7 includes an in-depth rebuild of the Jump Kit Style Library

Improved Civil 3D Style and Symbol Set Support

The full list is too huge to print here. Get the details here
Here are some highlights:

Better Corridor and Surface Creation and Publication Tools

  • New and improved General Styles collections and Code Set Styles
  • Included Subassembly graphics resources to see the results
  • Improved Subassembly Codes consistency and on-line and supplied resource documentation
  • New Surface and Parcel QAQC and task identification Styles
  • Advanced Style Tools for Complex corridor construction and publication

Substantial new Style Tools and Improvements for Site Design

  • Integrated Alignment, Profile, Feature Line Style Collections for corridor based grading design
  • By Key Style Collections – Name your grading feature – it’s in there.
  • In-depth annotative support for sitework in every representation
  • New Color-identity Surface QAQC Tools
  • New Color-identity Parcel QAQC Tools
  • New and improved Group Reference Labels for surfaces and more
    Fast surface annotation for site design corridors and roadways

The Best Plan and Profile Deliverables Production Tools

  • Fully documented deliverables production workflows including video courseware
  • Innovate use of Civil 3D’s built in tools
  • The in depth Style tools to make it easy and create unsurpassed presentation

Complete New and Updated Style Tools

  • STB and CTB support
  • Better Civil 3D user Color identification
  • Enhanced Style Tool consistency
  • Lots of improvements, fixes, and production refinements in Civil 3d Feature Styles
  • Rich and ground-breaking collections of Label Styles for every Feature
  • Complete internal documentation for every Style – See it in the Toolspace

Improved Traffic and Street Light Utility Support

  • In-depth symbols coverage of intersection traffic diagraming
  • Detailed Street lighting system symbols
  • More symbols, Civil 3D Point Styles. Etc.

Annotative Linework and Improved Linetype Support

  • Innovative annotative Alignment Group Label Styles to help reduce linetype dependency
    and improve plan set readability and presentation
  • More tuned and refined NCS compliant and State DOT linetypes
  • Better linetype to linestyle conversion for DGN output
  • In-depth coverage for utilities, sitework, and mapping feature linetypes
  • Hundreds of crafted and documented linetypes without reference issues

The Framework to Customize AutoCAD Civil 3D

Did we forget to mention that?

  • If you don’t like it, you can change it
  • The Framework helps you manage the changes
  • Use the powerful and innovative Spreadsheet Tools and all the resources to craft Civil 3D